Fisken - description

Fisken is a charging station for mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. Fisken is made of fabric and can be hung on the wall. The design is exciting and it is a stylish accessory in a modern home. The name Fisken comes from its looks, a fish with scales and tail.

The equipment to be charged is placed in one of the pockets. In the pocket there is a zipper which allows the cable from the adapter to come out to be connected to the phone/gadget.

Inside Fisken there is a multiplug socket with up to 6 adapters for different gadgets. The on/off switch can be seen through the tail. The mains cable comes out from the end of the tail.

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Battery charger for electronic gadgets. Modern design for the home and for the public environment, order among your cables, design, interior design. Laddakuten uses existing adapters and fits all mobiles, smartphones, mp3, iPhone, iPod, Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras