Fisken - technical data

Fisken is made of black fabric with a structure. Zippers run along the sides and allow easy change of adapters and multiplug socket. On the front there are three pockets with zippers that allow the charge cables to come out for each gadget. In the tail a lamp indicates on/off status.

Technical data
Up to 6 mobile phones and other electronic
      gadgets may be charged at the same time
Easy to adapt to new phone models
Suitable also for MP3, iPhone, iPod, cameras etc
Durable and elegant
230 V, power consumption < 15 W
Length 70 cm 

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Laddakuten, modern design for the home and for the public environment. 
Battery charging of electronic gadgets, neatness and order, design, interior.
Laddakuten suits all mobile phones, smartphones, iPhone, iPod, mp3, Bluetooth headsets, camera, digital photo frame