Charge your mobile phone with style

Laddakuten is a battery charger for mobile/cell phones, smartphones, iPhones, iPods, mp3 players, digital cameras and many other products.

It happens to all of us! Just as we are going to make an important call, or send an SMS or while we are waiting for a call, the battery is dead. 
Our own battery charger may be miles away.

With Laddakuten you can offer your visitors and customers the practical service of battery charging in a stylish way.

A perfect accessory in hotel/conference, airports, business centers, trade fairs, shops, Universities, gyms, hair salons, golf clubs, coffee shops, museums, sports arenas, . . . . .

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Battery charging of mobile/cell phone, MP3, smartphones, iPhone, iPod, Bluetooth headset, 
  camera, digital photo frame, electronic products, neatness, order, design, accessory. 
  Modern stylish design for home and public.